Why Choose a Franchise?

Why choose a franchise?


Over the years we have received many calls from Foot Health Practitioners both training and qualified, requiring support and advice. The most common questions they ask us are ‘how do I generate more business?’, ‘how do I increase my price’ as well as many more questions relating to their patients and practicing Foot Health. They are often lacking in confidence having just completed their training.

When you join us, we are here to offer you support and guidance from the very beginning. This commences from the moment you join our team, we help you through your online training, clinical training and then continuing through the ownership of your franchise.

You will be self-employed, which can be quite daunting and lonely if you are going it alone, but when you are part of a franchise, you will never feel alone. We are a close team who encourage and support each other whenever and wherever you need us. With our knowledge and experience we are always here to help you if you have any problems or if you just need a bit of reassurance. You won’t ever feel isolated as a franchisee as we keep you well informed of the latest news and products, provide you with ongoing training and have a great online team chat forum, as well as our annual get together.

Owning a franchise is exciting! You are building your business alongside others in the same position, helping each other grow and succeed. We have a great team of franchisees who share experiences, ideas and events on our Healthy Feet Franchise Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

We are an established business and our website has been carefully designed and monitored to continuously achieve the best results. The conversion rate of enquiries through our website is almost 100%. Being part of a recognised and professional brand makes success much simpler, all our marketing is professionally created using experienced designers, our social media expert is award winning and we have good relationships with business and accounting professionals.

When you become a Healthy Feet Franchisee, you will have a tailored marketing package, including professionally designed templates for you to use at a later date. You will also have a tailored launch package for your area, so that you will have patient bookings in your diary as soon as you are qualified.

Using our brand enables you to achieve the best price for your treatments. It has been found that people who haven’t taken the franchise route undervalue their service and therefore their price, making it difficult to obtain the salary they had hoped to achieve. With franchise support and backing, your service and price will never be undervalued.*

We have big plans for Healthy Feet Franchises, we fully intend to grow nationwide and there is potential for a high street presence in the future. Your franchise is an investment, the value of your territory will increase as our brand grows.

As your client base and brand name grows, you are actively making your business more valuable, therefore if you decided to sell your area at a later date, it can be sold for a higher price. This is something that can only be achieved effectively with a Franchise model.

We hope you consider our franchise and the benefits of becoming part of our growing team.

If you would like to arrange a conversation to discuss further, or to arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@healthyfeetclinic.co.uk

*Being part of a trusted and recognised franchise allows you achieve the best price for your service. This increased amount can offset your management fee.

Charging just £2.50 extra to 100 clients (based on part-time hours) would more than enable you to offset the management fee.

We currently have franchises in Monmouth & Raglan, Chepstow & Wye Valley, Cardiff North, South Herefordshire & Ross-on-Wye, Hinckley & Burbage, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Sutton Coldfield & Perry Bar, Bolton & Darwen 

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