Meet Sophie – Co Owner of Healthy Feet Franchises

 Sophie Limming – Co-Owner of Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic represents Monmouth, the Forest of Dean and Ross-On-Wye.

We ask Sophie how her career into foot care was inspired…

How were you introduced to the foot health profession?

I knew Debra, my co-founder of Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic, through a previous, very different job. We worked together in estate agency!

I knew that Debra was enjoying her new role as a Foot Health Practitioner, and she had built a brilliant business and her enjoyment of her work was infectious!

What made you decide to become a Foot Health Practitioner?

I was able to get a first-hand insight of the role as I observed Debra on some home visits. I was inspired by the relationship she had built with her regular clients and could see the difference a simple foot care appointment made to their health and well being. Knowing that I had Debra as a mentor to help me along the way gave me the confidence to start my training.

What inspired you to start Healthy Feet Franchises?

Having had guidance and support from Debra to become a Foot Health Practitioner, we could both see the benefits of joining a franchise and all that it could offer was important to anyone wanting to join the profession. We felt that whilst the colleges provide the qualifications required, it is still a daunting prospect to go out there, treat patients’ feet, and start your business alone. The franchise provides marketing and business training to enable you to effectively and confidently run your business.

What does your Franchise role entail?

Debra and I are there to set up and launch each Franchisee’s new business area and provide ongoing support. We arrange, provide training and source the best deals for our franchisees.

We‘ve recognised as we’ve gone along just how much knowledge and experience we can impart to our franchisees to aide in their success.

 How do you see the future for you?

We are excited to see the business grow and I am currently still looking after my clients in the South West. We have plans to open a Healthy Feet Academy and take our business nationwide.

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