how to spring clean your business

How To Spring Clean Your Mobile Foot Care Business

Spring has officially sprung, which I am really excited about because it is my favourite time of year. There’s blossom on the trees, daffodils on the roadside and Pimms in the supermarket.

It’s also the perfect time for a spring clean, and I don’t just mean your house, it’s time to Spring clean your business.

I do this every year and it helps me stay focused, organised and on top of my game. So here’s how you do it:

1. Clear Your Inbox

This might sound like a relatively easy task, but trust me, you’ll be surprised how long it takes to clear out your inbox. So make sure you set aside a good hour to de-clutter your inbox.

Make sure you read and reply to unread emails, delete the junk and unsubscribe to unwelcome newsletters.

This will make starting work on a Monday morning so much more motivating and also, give you the headspace to start your day happy in the knowledge you have caught up with your emails.

A great way to keep your inbox tidy is to create subfolders for emails, so you can start to categorise them and move them out of your mail feed.

This will also help you stay on top of your communications so you don’t miss a new opportunity.

2. Tidy Your Kit Bag

For me, this is the one place that needs to stay 100% organised. Your mobile kit bag or tool kit is supposed to have everything you need for any type of appointment.

So, to make sure you have easy access to all the right equipment for all of your appointments, you need to have a good clear out and organise of your kit bag.

Make sure there are no wrappers, packaging, used gloves or paper towels left in your bag. Avoid putting your personal belongings in the bag too, like your phone or purse. You don’t want to start using your kit bag as a handbag, we all know how messy they get.

When you put everything back in your bag arrange it with your most regularly used products at the top, so when you’re at an appointment you don’t have to spend time rooting for the right thing.

It’s worth remembering that when you open your kit bag at an appointment your client may be able to see inside, so make sure it’s clean and organised. Without you realising, your client will be judging you on the state of your kit bag, so make sure you give them the right impression.

3. Clean Your Work Space

Now when I talk about cleaning your workspace, for us mobile foot practitioners that means our cars.

We can spend a lot of time on the road between appointments and our car becomes our mobile office and sometimes we even eat our lunch in the car on a really busy day.

So, your car can very quickly pile up with rubbish, flyers, spare equipment and paper work. The problem with this is, that things can easily get lost among the rubbish, like a potential clients details or a ‘to do’ list and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something.

But when your car is clean and organised, you can zip off to your appointments with a clear head, knowing everything is exactly where it needs to be.

Again, like a mentioned earlier people will make assumptions about you based on your appearance, and that doesn’t just mean how you look, it’s how your car looks, and your kit bag too.

Show your clients and potential clients that you are well organised and take pride in what you do by making sure your car is clean and tidy.

4. Go Paperless

Not all of us will have the space in our homes for an office, so old folders tend to pile up around the house. Some of which are filled with documents from about five years ago.

If you’re tired of seeing paper work all over the place, then it’s time to prioritise what you need and shred the rest. Moving forward try to refrain from printing documents by saving them in folders on your computer.

I should also add that it’s important to de-clutter your digitised folders too and create a clean desktop with organised and up-to-date folders.

If work needs to be printed (for some jobs, it just does) keep your paper work in a labeled binder and if you can, store it in a cupboard.

With a clean and organised working environment comes a clear and focused mind, so you can power through 2019 and make it your best year yet.

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