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I am writing this blog as I feel there is a link between people who are interested in the healthy and beauty industry and the foot care industry. I myself am a fully qualified level two beautician as well as a foot health practitioner and have found having my beauty qualification very useful whilst working for Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic.

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When I treat someone’s feet, I am very conscious of the beauty aspect of the treatment. Rather than just a medical treatment, I enjoy making the feet look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

I am also able to use my beautician qualification to paint ladies toenails in the summer and for parties and events in the winter, I am therefore able to offer an additional service called a Medipedi, which is a medical pedicure.

With an ageing population, becoming a foot health practitioner can offer many benefits including a stable career and favourable income.

Prior to becoming a foot health practitioner, I had to make a decision whether to launch a beauty business or re-train to become a foot health practitioner. I weighed up the options and decided that becoming a foot health practitioner would allow me to have a steady income, with regular clients re-booking every six weeks. If a recession would hit, I knew my job would be safe, having your feet treated when you are older isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

I combined my beauty qualification with my foot health practitioner qualification and went on to create a successful business.

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