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Here’s what our Foot Health Practitioner franchisees say about us…

janet maultby healthy feet franchises

Janet Maultby MCFHP MAFHP

Franchisee since January 2021


“Taking a step into foot health care seemed a huge leap to take as I was entering a whole new sphere of work. I wanted to change from a long career as a teacher into something more flexible but interesting and challenging. But I needed to grow a business quickly so I could support myself after leaving ‘paid’ employment. I had no previous experience of going self-employed. It all seemed a bit scary!


Buying my franchise with Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic has enabled me to start up my business and get immediate results. The professional branding gave me confidence in this new career move. Debra, the franchise owner provides you with a guiding hand and support in all aspects of the business from equipment supply, online presence to marketing.


“Within 12 weeks of completing my training I had seen over 100 patients and most of these are now regular clients. I wouldn’t be where I am now starting a new business if I hadn’t joined this happy supportive franchise. Best decision I made!”


Update November 2021


“Debra is always supportive and makes herself available to give advice, share her knowledge and provide all you need to run your business. I have created a successful business and buying the franchise has been a sure fire way to make this happen.”

judith hamblin healthy feet franchises

Judith Hamblin SAC Dip RFHP

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Cardiff North

Franchisee since February 2019


“A huge advantage of being owning a Healthy Feet franchise is that I was ready to start trading from the moment I qualified as a foot health practitioner. During the practical course held at the college, I met others whom I know spent months setting up their business, whereas I was ready to start immediately.


I benefitted from the start up of all the kit, the advertising in place, and I was booking appointments straight away.


I absolutely love my working week, there is no stress and I can be independent. I am so glad that I joined Healthy Feet franchises, and I know that I have support from Debra whenever I need it.”

rose sterling healthy feet franchise

Rose Sterling SAC Dip RFHP

Franchisee since October 2019

“Before joining Healthy Feet, I my career was office based, as an office administrator.
I wanted to start something where I could have flexible working and be my own boss, without the stress of trying to juggle family commitments.


I found the details online, and became more and more hooked!


I am so glad that I took the step to join, it has meant that I have had so much more time for myself and my family.


The franchise support and branding along with Debra’s knowledge and enthusiasm gave me the framework to set up and grow my business. I feel like I am a valuable member of a team, and we are making a real difference in our communities!”

tracey markham healthy feet franchises

Tracey Markham Dip CFHP

Franchisee since Jan 2021


“I found Healthy Feet when I was considering retraining to become a foot health practitioner. I have always been a keen learner and I knew that I would enjoy the challenge of studying something new. The setting up of a business though seemed a little daunting, and so the franchise structure appealed to me and gave me the idea to get in touch.


I love being part of a team and having others to share experiences with. From the day I started, I was busy with leads and appointments, and I am busier than I ever hoped I could be! Having Debra to help and support me gave me the reassurance I needed.


Life is good and each day is so different, I just wish I had done this years ago!”

lisa reddy healtyhy feet franchises

Lisa Reddy TCFCP dip

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Bolton & Darwen

Franchisee since March 2019


“Going into a franchise was not a decision that I took lightly, but after just 1 month in business I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Leaving a well-paid, secure job of 15 years was initially a pretty daunting thought, but the job did not fit well around my young family, plus it was quite stressful.


I needed a job that was flexible, financially on par with my previous role and that ideally did not involve any day-to-day stress, with Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic I’ve certainly found that! You get what you put in and a diary that is booked up a month in advance I think proves that.


If you have a family, want a better work-life balance with a good salary, then this is the career for you. It’s so exciting to see your business grow, see happy customers return time and again and still be in time to pick the kids up from school!”


Update Nov 2021


Two years into my franchise and my work-life balance has dramatically improved. I can work flexibly to suit my lifestyle and family, and have the pleasure of being my own boss. Working part time hours, financially it’s comparable to working full time and from the outset I was supported and mentored to get the best out of my business. It is hands down one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, my own personal development and my family.”

natalie wells healthy feet franchise

Natalie Wells Dip CFHP MPSPract

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Ross-on-Wye & South Herefordshire

Franchisee since Nov 2018


“Before healthy feet I worked little part time jobs in and around being a full time mum of two with a husband who works away. Before children I worked in a GP surgery as a phlebotomist/medical secretary.


I didn’t go back to any of these roles as it has been very difficult to get any of these part time jobs to fit around my hectic life as a mum who is on her own a lot! Having children has changed how I want to work, the need to work will always be there however children are only little once so it’s important to me that they come first. They have quite a hectic social life more so than myself so fitting everything in around that can simply be a challenge! I want to enjoy my children and have no regrets when they get to an age they don’t need me anymore.


Healthy feet met my one big need being the flexibility to work my own hours in and around my family and our crazy life style!”

claire brewer foot health practitioner bury

Claire Brewer SAC Dip RFHP

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Bury

Franchise opened November 2021.


“This was the best decision I have ever made. I wanted the flexibility of working my own hours, being my own boss, and that would work around my family.


Having the lovely Debra on hand for help and support whenever needed is a huge plus for me, as is being part of a wonderful team who are always helpful too.


Not only is my job stress-free, but it is also rewarding, not just being part of a fantastic team, I also get to meet and help so many lovely people.”

Kayleigh Moore FFTA FHP

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Hinckley & Burbage


Since I first met with Debra and grasped the opportunity to have my own foot care franchise I have not looked back!


I had no experience in healthcare, and had not really studied since leaving school to gain my hairdressing diploma. I then went on to open my own barbers shop, which meant long hours and I wanted to be able to earn good money on my own income and not rely on others.


This opportunity brings me freedom to spend more time with my family and I am so grateful that I will be able to fit this work around school times and be there more for my daughter.


The world of foot care is so interesting, and there is so much to learn but I can already see that I am making a difference to my patients. It makes me so happy and it’s a real pleasure to help people.


Debra has been a constant support throughout my training and particularly in those early days of seeing patients. She goes above and beyond to help with the clinical and business questions that I have and the franchise is a great way to venture into this as a new career.


I am proud of what I have achieved and look forward to a bright future with opportunities to expand and grow with Healthy Feet!

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