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About Us

Meet the Owners…


Sophie Limming Dip FH MCFHP MAFHP


Debra Rose SAC Dip FHPT, SAC Dip FHPP

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic was established in 2011. The business was thriving and Debra and Sophie were finding that they had too much business to cope with by themselves. This made Debra and Sophie realise that there was an opportunity for expansion and to give others the chance to have their own successful foot health business using the blue print they had finely tuned to create a lucrative and rewarding business.


In September 2018 Healthy Feet Franchises was launched and within 4 months, 4 franchisees were busy treating their own clients as part of the Healthy Feet Franchises team.

Debra & Sophie look forward to sharing their recipe for a successful, happy and fulfilling business with future franchisees.

A rewarding and fulfilling career…


The demand for foot care is incredible. It is a basic requirement for someone to have their feet cared for as they age. With an ageing population and only 5% of foot care being performed by the NHS, this is a lucrative and thriving sector. Clients include young and old, those with diabetes, arthritis and those with mobility problems. You will also treat those who just love to have their feet pampered!


The hours are flexible and the majority of your clients will be retired and therefore you can visit them at a time that suits you, enabling you to schedule your appointments around your commitments or lifestyle.


From the day you join Healthy Feet Franchises, we are there to support you. We will provide on-going mentoring, business and marketing training, as well as regular clinical training to enhance your knowledge and confidence in your new role.


Healthy Feet Franchises provide you with full training to become a Foot Health Practitioner. This comprises of an online course followed by a practical element, conducted at a leading training centre. Please do not worry if you haven’t studied in a while as you will receive plenty of guidance and support from Sophie and Debra.


To find out what our package includes, please click here.

Lisa Reddy TCFCPdip


Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic Bolton & Darwen


“Going into a franchise was not a decision that I took lightly, but after just 1 month in business I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Leaving a well-paid, secure job of 15 years was initially a pretty daunting thought, but the job did not fit well around my young family, plus it was quite stressful.


I needed a job that was flexible, financially on par with my previous role and that ideally did not involve any day-to-day stress, with Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic I’ve certainly found that! You get what you put in and a diary that is booked up a month in advance I think proves that.


If you have a family, want a better work-life balance with a good salary, then this is the career for you. It’s so exciting to see your business grow, see happy customers return time and again and still be in time to pick the kids up from school!”

Lisa Reddy TCFCPdip - Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic Bolton & Darwen

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