A day in the life of a Foot Health Practitioner

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am co owner of Healthy Feet Franchises and also still very much a Foot Health Practitioner, with my mobile practice in Monmouth. I am going to tell you about a typical day at work…


Wednesday 1st May…


8.00 am – Once I have got myself together, my first task of the day is to take my beloved dog Nellie for her morning walk and then I am then ready to start my working day.

8:45am – I am leaving for my first appointment of the day, (usually around 9-9.30 am) I am greeted at the door by one of my favourite patients, she is always bright and bubbly and has the pot on ready for my arrival. I unpack my kit and once she is sitting comfortably, I begin the treatment. Firstly, I put on a pair of medical gloves and check her feet for anything unusual. Like most of my clients, Mary has very little wrong with her feet, but she likes them to be done professionally as she cannot see or reach as well as she used to! I trim and file her nails and remove some callus (hard skin). As I am working we catch up with each others news and then I finish the treatment using professional cream. I note the treatment on the medical record card, pack my tools and take payment from my client. I book her next appointment, as like the majority of my clients, I see her regularly every 6 weeks. I am then happily on my way to my 10am and then 11am appointments.

12pm – After I have had my lunch and let the dog out, I use this time to pop into town to do some shopping or catch up on missed calls and unopened emails. Being able to pop home is really useful!

I arrive at 1pm to my first of the afternoon where I am greeted by a very waggily Bella the Labrador, shoe gift in mouth. Mr and Mrs B are always a joy and make the best coffee in the South West (they even grinds the beans!). I put on a pair of gloves, we discuss their feet and the treatment begins. I start with Mrs B, I reduce her thickened nails with my Saeyang K38 Drill and rescue her cracked heels. Mr B has excellent feet, but he has been diagnosed with type II diabetes and therefore now likes to have his toenails looked after too. All treatments are finished off with a small foot massage at the end (which I am told is the best bit!). Notes are made, tools packed and payment taken, along with a small tip for my jar at home. It is then back into the car for the last two appointments of the day.

I am generally home for about 4pm. The first thing I do is clean my instruments. The instruments go into a bowl of soapy water to initially cleanse them. They are then transferred into my Ultrasonic Cleaner which removes any debris. They are then packaged in sterilisation pouches, sealed and placed into my ‘all singing and dancing’ autoclave. At a touch of a button, the instruments start the sterilisation cycle and are steamed at 134 degrees celsius to eliminate any bacteria. Whilst the instruments are being sterilised I respond to any messages and missed calls from the afternoon. Lastly I file the medical records from the day and pack the records for tomorrow’s patients. It is now 4:30pm and I am free enjoy my evening and reflect on another happy day!


If you are interested in experiencing a taster of a day, then please feel free to join me on a Discovery Day. For further information, please fill in the Enquiry Form on our homepage.

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